Why choose leather bags as a daily accessory?

Leather and its high popularity is deeply rooted in its style and timelessness.

Leather has been in always considered with great respect, by pretty much every culture and they obviously knew why they were opting for it. ‍So, we have decided to have a compilation of some merits of usages of leather goods.


We all know unlike materials such as plastic leather is bio-degradable. Leather is 100% natural, which suggests that owning leather is surely an environmentally friendly option and as well as a really well trendy alternative!


We all know that toughness is like leather's middle name, it's undoubtedly one of the most durable and strong materials out there. Leather manufacturers try their best to make durable leather goods and that is a serious commitment. Even though leather goods of high quality might be more expensive, but you can almost always be sure that they will last years and look just as good.

Ever Green

While coming on to durability, we also need to speak about the timeless fabric leather is. Leather goods are never out of style, it signifies a steady classic, sophisticated personality so you can always opt for it.


While talking about the style Leather is a very elegant material. In its natural colour or dyed, leather will always add a certain amount of quality to any design. Everything in leather looks more powerful: leather wallets look better than plastic wallets, leather pants look more badass than cotton pants. You can yourself see the comparison. Genuine leather will never peel or crack, so you can literally always use your leather goods. It’s important to mention that genuine leather goods, should they be accessories or clothes, have small scratches or signs. Don’t worry; these are the signs or the indicators that the leather you have purchases is of a high quality.

Easy To Clean

I know it’s not that easy to believe but leather is a fabric that breathes well. Leather is such a breathable material but its maintenance is just a piece of cake. All you have to need to clean it is a damp cloth, just wipe the surface and you’re good to go! Cleaning up is time efficient since it dries really quickly after being washed. It is also fungus, dust and lint resistant so you don’t even need to worry about fighting against such things.


Nothing can ever beat the smell of a natural leather, i must say absolutely nothing! Something’s so unique and satisfying about that first whiff that leaves you wanting more. Truly it’s the scent of nature, comfort and handcrafted luxury. We can surely say that the smell is definitely one of the best parts of a leather accessory. Not sure what genuine leather smells like? Order your Leather Bags Gallery product today and find out!


We always want things that are made from natural fabrics, and leather is a natural fabric and we don’t condone any type of synthetic leather. Fibres made up synthetic can give you rashes, make your skin itch and even though sometimes you might not feel it or be able to make the connection directly, wearing natural fabrics will make you feel physically and mentally good, as opposed to synthetic fibres which can make you feel bad, as they are foreign elements to your body and are not optimized for human wear.


Not only lasting a long time but keeping its quality in time as well leather proven its strength feature also. It is resistant to dry abrasion, can be resistant to fire (if treated for it), and it is partly waterproof. And not like other materials, leather is also resistant to dust mites and fungal attacks also. It is lint and dust-free also, that means it will look and feel just as great even if you don’t treat it in a special way. We are recommending that you get leather travel bags as well, as when you travel you need to have sturdy things in which you place your belongings.  last thing but not least you want is your weekender bag to break when you are running to catch a bus.


Leather becomes more and more flexible while keeping its shape and its strength. With all the updates about leather being tough and unbreakable, one might think that leather is something similar to rock or wood. But that’s obviously not the case. You shouldn’t worry if a leather item you purchased seems a little woody in the beginning but later it slowly begins to soften, that’s supposed to happen and it’s not a bad thing.


Yes, none of us believes that leather is inexpensive. But leather is truly not expensive. It is true that leather products cost more than products made from synthetic leather or any other fabrics, but they last so much longer that the cost/wear ratio is extremely small. Like For an instance if you buy a leather bag for $500, but you will use it for the next 10 years, it means that it costs you only $50/year.

To conclude, we can say that leather is one of our favourite fabrics, as it is strong, but works with you and your lifestyle, it is inexpensive and natural, it looks amazing and is extremely durable.