Tips To Keep Your Leather Bag Clean

According to research, a man buys a vintage handmade leather bag once or twice in his entire life. This means this is an important investment and must be cared for in order to keep the leather healthy and the look of the leather bag elegant. Therefore, it is important to clean your leather bag so the life increases and you keep on getting second looks every time you walk in with a sexy vintage leather bag on your shoulder or back.

Let’s see some of the methods to keep your leather bag clean. You can always hire professional help but can save a lot of money by doing the little things right over the course of your bag life. Some of these little things are illustrated in this blog post.

Age With Time

The aging process in leather products or bags is called Patina. This is the desired effect in vintage leather bags and must be catered for in your quest of care for leather bags. This effect of elegant scratches and discoloration in a proportion that you cannot reproduce in a lab or through a professional leather bag cleaner. Therefore while searching for leather bag tips; you should remember that some scratches add beauty to your bag rather than the other way around.

The Right Products

The next step is the actual care for leather bags where you use home or commercial products in order to increase the life and shine of your handmade leather bag. First of all, check out the user reviews of the product and once you get hold of the product, don’t apply it completely. Always start with applying the product on a part of the bag, that can’t be seen easily. This way if the product is not, you won’t ruin the bag.

No Dust Policy

One leather bag care tip that you should always remember as a leather bag cleaner is that you should never let dust deposit on the bag for long durations. If the bad is not in use, clean it once properly and store it in a dust proof bag. Also, store the bag in a place where the chances of dust accumulation are minimum.

No Use Policy

If you don’t intend to use the bag for a long period of time, then you must store it properly. Stuff it with old newspaper or cloth and wrap it in plastic. Do check the bag every now and then even if you don’t intend to use it anytime soon. Black leather bags have to be cared more as compared to brown leather bags. Vintage handmade bags also need special kind of care for leather bags. You do have to let them age naturally but ensure that external forces don’t speed up the process.

Your vintage handmade leather bag is not a cheap product and therefore a lot of care for leather bag techniques must be applied so you look ravishing every time you wear the bag and go anywhere that you want.