Leather Bags That Give Tough Competition To Purses


Earlier it was the women who used to complain that they don’t have enough options to choose from but now men are coming ahead to complain about the same

thing. Ladies have been very choosy about their leather Handbags and their wardrobe boasts of different kind of purses that match their attire perfectly. However, nowadays, men are not far behind as they are investing heavily in stylish leather bags.

Over the years, bags have evolved to become one of the most preferred accessories that help you stand out in the crowd and make you look super stylish. Similarly to women, men also want different bags to team up with different looks. Hence, it is of utmost importance to choose the right bag. If you are thinking about investing in a new leather bag, this piece can really prove helpful.

There are four kinds of bags that a man should possess, no matter whether you are a bag lover or not.

Saddle Backpack

If you love carrying a stylish bag to your office to keep your laptop and other documents safe, then this bag will be the appropriate choice. Saddle backpacks are professionally designed using full grain leather and the well-known enrichment technique. So the next time you are carrying your laptop, place it in the roomy compartment that has zippers to keep the laptop and other small things safe. Do not compromise on style or functionality.

Brown Leather Messenger Bag

A perfect bag for casual hangouts and to carry your laptop, Messenger bag is made using full grain Moroccan leather. Plain leather briefcases are not in vogue anymore, therefore carrying a briefcase for your laptop makes you look more like a coder. However, on the other hand, the leather messenger bag is comfortable and looks stylish.

Black Leather Messenger Bags

If you are thinking about pairing a bag with your business suit, it ought to be the black leather messenger bag. This bag generally comes with three internal compartments wherein a laptop, important documents and other stuff can be kept safely. The bag surely leaves a great impression on your female colleagues, so why not invest in this bag and show off your style by wearing it on your sleeves (literally).

Leather Satchel

If you often remain on the go, this bag would be the perfect fit for you. The leather satchel is a briefcase that comes with one major compartment to keep all the important stuff. This bag helps keep your things in an organized manner without any need to keep on finding things when they are required urgently. When carried on the shoulder, it makes you look super stylish.

These were the top 4 bags that must find a place in every man’s wardrobe. While these bags don’t look close to purses, they surely help a man retain the manly look. You can find some professionally designed leather handbags for men on leatherbagsgallery. These leather bags are low on maintenance and look best when they are carried to business tour, office, holidays or anywhere else.