How can you keep your leather products safe?

We all know that the most versatile forms of outerwear in the world is “leather”. If you look after your leather goods it will help them age gracefully and will extend the life of them too. You can wear leather products year-round (as characterized by a leather construction), whether it’s spring, summer, fall or winter, it will keep you comfortable while ensuring a stylish and attractive appearance in the process.


However, If we talk about leather jackets or a leather bag it requires a little extra attention than bags and jackets made of other materials. Leather is a natural material hence it will have some irregularities but they’re not imperfections. If you’re unable to store your leather products in the right place it could lead to premature wear and tear and when this happens you may be forced to replace your leather jacket. Guess what, the good news is you can make your leather products last years or even decades by properly maintaining it. So, the next question in your mind could be that how’s this possible?


So below given are the best possible ways for you to store your leather products. In order to keep your leather items safe: -

Clean it with soap and water: You must clean your leather items with soap and water before storing it. Rather than what some people believe, you do not have to use any special soap or detergent to clean up your leather items instead you can use a mild dish soap and warm water will suffice. If you’re planning to store your leather jacket for several months or longer, go ahead and clean it using soap and water. Once you finished with washing, hang your leather jacket in an open area — either inside or outside your home — so that it can dry.

Hang it on a clothes hanger: You should hang your leather jackets on a clothes hanger rather than where you intend to store it because leather jackets are prone to wrinkling when not stored on a clothes hanger. If you toss your leather jacket on the floor at the bottom of your closet, for example, it may develop wrinkles that are difficult if not impossible to remove. By doing so it will retain its original shape while minimizing the risk of wrinkling. Use wooden hangers to hang it as they’re stronger and more durable in comparison to the plastic one.


Keep it out of reach of direct sunlight: Store your leather products in an area where it’s not exposed to direct sunlight. There’s nothing wrong with a little sunlight but Well, nothing is if your leather jacket is stored in an area where it’s constantly exposed to direct sunlight, it may fade. So, try to avoid it from direct sunlight.


Choose a climate-controlled area:  Don’t store your leather jacket in a hot and humid area like the attic or crawlspace. Rather store it inside a main area of your home, such as your bedroom closet or a guest bedroom closet. As the golden rule of storing a leather product is to make sure the area is climate controlled. It should be stored at room temperature. Climate must contain a relative humidity of about 40% to 50%. If it reaches 60% or higher, your leather jacket may develop mildew — a problem that’s easily prevented by choosing a climate-controlled area in which to store your leather jacket.

Condition once every few months:  While storing your leather products for long duration of time, don’t forget to condition it once every few months. As most experts agree that leather should be conditioned every three to six months. It involves the application of a leather conditioning product like saddle soap. They aren’t designed to clean leather but they may help to remove dirt and debris, they are designed primarily to hydrate leather. Upon applying a conditioning product to your leather item, it will moisturize your jacket and as a result, your leather jacket is less likely to dry out. Conditioning your leather jacket is important but you shouldn’t overdo it.

Keep it away from other clothes:  You must keep your leather jackets away from other clothes whether it’s a shirt, pair of pants or other jackets, they probably contain dye.


In conclusion Product made up leather can last for years or even decades when properly maintained. Therefore, many people opt for a wrong approach in storing their leather items, resulting in a shorter lifespan. You can make your leather jacket last, however, by taking the precautions listed here when storing it.