How To Choose The Right Leather Bag

Buying a good and amazing vintage leather bag can be a headache in the modern world with the internet providing so many options. Low priced Chinese websites offer almost every kind of leather bag at a highly affordable rate. However, online handmade bags sold by some of the famous companies or high-end delivery websites like Leather Bags Gallery will not only provide you with the best quality handmade leather bags but a lifelong partner. However, there are many things that you should look out for while buying leather bags and accessories. Let us walk you through some of the things you need to ensure while doing so.



Quality over Everything

This is the first thing you should always look at while buying a handmade leather bag. Since this is a big investment and you will use the vintage leather bag for long, everything else must be looked after the quality satisfies you.

Kind of Leather

The right kind of leather gets better with age and therefore a little research must be put in for the kinds of leather your bag is made with. You can also ask the company or salesperson about the kind of leather or hide used in order to make that specific bag.

Tanning Process

There are two methods of tanning leather which you must know about, that affect the price and life of the handmade leather bag. The first process is chrome tanning which can be done in two days and done with chemicals, making the leather bags and accessories cheap. The second process is vegetable tanning, a natural process actually involved in the making of handmade vintage leather bags and accessories.


Since the leather bag will accompany you almost everywhere you go. This is why the external strength of the vintage either bag is important. Handmade leather bags are inherently tough and strong therefore if you have chosen any of the variety available at Leather Bags Gallery you have made a lifetime decision.   


Then comes the specifics that are dependent upon your intended use. There is no point buying a handmade leather shoulder strap bag which can house a 15” laptop when you have a MAC that is sized at 17 inches, be careful. The color of the bag is another important decision. Office and work bags are usually brown leather bags with the backpack category in the black and shade of black category. The last thing you must see is the price of the vintage leather bag which is usually on the higher side. However, with added cost comes added quality and life.



A leather bag or briefcase is an important piece of equipment that you will use day in day out. This is why it is a must that you take extreme care apart from the tips annotated above. The handmade leather bags are known for their durability and toughness but the right kind must be chosen in order to get the best value for money. Apart from being a utility, it is also an attractive sidekick for you and places like leather bags gallery help you in getting the most appropriate and efficient sidekick for you.