How can you properly take care of your leather bag?

It is known to all that an aesthetic, quality leather bag is an epitome of the age-old custom practiced by skillful artisans. So whenever a person is buying a leather bag, till date, he/she gets cautious about safeguarding its quality, because a person who is sophisticated enough to opt for a leather bag is also aware of its diachronic as well as aesthetic value.

So, here are a few tips that we’ve assembled to help you to develop an perception of how you can handle your leather bags the best way:



Firstly, you have to be certain about your clean hands, make sure that while you’re cleaning your leather bag you have washed your hands as leather bags are really fast in absorbing grease and oil, you do not want any of that to stick around.

Do a quick cleaning in a regular manner. You can just swiftly and softly sweep the leather bags every other day, with a soft, dry, or slenderly damp cloth. A very important tip here would be to suggest the prohibition of using too much water, do not use too much water as leather takes time to dry and also at times the residual water can pile up and make your leather bags smell really horrifying.


Process a thorough cleaning in order to get rid of all the already built up dirt, once or twice a year. Wipe the entirety of the leather bag with a cleaner, while applying it in a circular motion. Make sure you're using a minimally damp cloth perfectly balanced to the amount of cleanser that is exclusively made for the leather bags.



Conditioning your leather bag is another intricate yet intriguing process and it effectively keeps your leather bags flourishing.

Leather conditioner is very similar to the concept of moisturizer. Without the correct amount of conditioning the leather will dry out over time due to the lack of hydration and moisture.

To take appropriate precautions against all the flaking and wrinkling that occurs over time, take help of the leather conditioner. Apply the conditioner to a soft cloth and subtly caress the entire bag.

Understanding the humidity or the dryness in weather make sure to apply the conditioner once or twice in a year.



When your leather bag is not in use, do not forget to stuff it with bubble wrap or parchment paper, Experts advise to stave off the usage of newspaper as a stuffing material as it will result in smearing. The process of storing and stuffing effectively helps your leather bags to maintain their shape.





As previously mentioned, do not let water absorb into the leather. If your leather accessories have gotten too moist, make sure to get rid of excess moisture at its earliest and wipe it away. 

Never dry the leather with any kind of hair dryer, let it gradually dry in the air and then move on towards applying a leather conditioner.

Strictly obviate using the cleaning products that contain any percentage of alcohol, as these will ineluctably result in drying out and possibly end up discoloring your leather purse or bag.