Can You Dry Clean Leather Bags

It’s never a great feeling when your beloved leather bag gets drenched in water and a nasty mark has found his place in the bag forever. While it is impossible to win back the clock, some quick actions can make a huge impact on the disaster. You will be surprised to know that some swift measures can really help you save your bag. But we are seriously hoping you are reading this to avoid an emergency situating and your bag is still as good as new.

First Step First

Make sure you get your leather bag out of the rain immediately. This is extremely important if it is still raining outside. To begin with the first step and bring your bag inside. The UV radiations are harmful to your skin and they are harmful to everything else as well. Keep your bag in a cool and clean area away from moisture and direct heat.

Use Caution With Blow Dryer

Some people choose to dry their bag with a blow dryer as they believe it will make it dry faster. But it is not true. Do you know why leather should not be exposed to direct heat? This is because leather begins to shrink on direct exposure to heat. So as you won’t aim the blow dryer toward your face for a couple of minutes at a stretch, you should not aim it towards your bag constantly. Heat degrades the fibers that bind the leather together thus reducing its lifespan.

Use a Cloth

Even before you get hold of the hair dryer, choose to dab the bag with a cloth. Pick up a soft, lint-free cloth and soak away as much water as possible. Don’t wipe the water or you will be rubbing in the moisture. Set the bag down on a towel and dab the moisture till you have removed the maximum amount. Let it air dry while frequently changing its position to allow consistent circulation of air.

Stuff it with Newspapers

This may sound weird but stuffing the bag with newspaper or any absorbent material will help pull water from inside. Leather has a unique property that allows moisture to pass through its fibers. This, in other words, means that water can seep into the inside of your bag if it gets wet in the rain or any other circumstances. Therefore, it is always a good idea to pull water out from either end.

Use the Magic Ingredient

A secret recipe to pull away from water from your leather bag makes use of the magic ingredient called Baking Soda. Take a spoonful of baking soda, cornstarch, talcum powder or any water absorbent powder and sprinkle it over the bag. Let it sit overnight and check its color in the morning. If it has turned yellow, it has done its job and pulled a good amount of water. Brush off the yellow powder and sprinkle the new powder on the bag. Keep repeating the process until the powder stops changing color.

With these tips, you can easily dry your leather bag if it gets drenched in the rain.

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